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ATAR Calculator/ Estimator to help students who sat for the 2009 HSC exams estimate their ATAR university rank. The free atar calculator is based upon the 2008 HSC statistics.



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To all HSC students. Congratulations on finishing the HSC. All the best with your ATAR results.

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I designed this ATAR-UAI calculator many years ago and have refined it numerous times. It gives an estimate of your ATAR ranking based upon HSC data. The calculator has been tested on many students and is usually within 0.5 of a UAI rank using HSC data for a particular exam year. Currently the calculator uses 2006 HSC data so it gives close results for 2006 UAI scores. Please note that HSC marks and UAI calculations vary from year to year so be careful in applying it to predict 2007 UAI rankings. When this data becomes available I will update the calculator. Also, the complete statistics for subjects with a candidature of less than 40 students is not available and estimations are made.


My aim is developing this calculator is to help students make informed decisions and give them proper feedback on their actual HSC results. I remember one year after a student received their HSC marks in the mail, their highest mark was subject X and their lowest mark was Chemistry. After entering their marks in the ATAR-UAI calculator it became apparent that their best subject was Chemistry and their worst subject was subject X. As it is written, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first!”

Please note you CANNOT compare HSC marks or HSC Bands between subjects in the HSC. They are NOT on a level playing field! It is like trying to compare 10,000 Zimbabwean dollars with 10 Australian dollars. Which is the most valuable? If you don't know the exchange rate you might be tempted to grab the 10,000 Zimbabwe dollars and run. If you did your homework however, you would find that 10,000 dollars from Zimbabwe is actually less than one Australian dollar. Likewise, a HSC mark of 71 in Chemistry can actually be higher than a mark of 85 in another subject.

This ATAR-UAI calculator calculates the current exchange rate of a particular HSC mark in a subject. It does this by converting the HSC marks to ATAR-UAI equivalent ranks for every subject. This allows students and teachers to compare subjects fairly in terms of ATAR-UAI ranks, which are on a level playing field. What is actually a student's best subject in the HSC? What is their worst subject? A student may think that they bombed out in a subject, whereas they may have actually performed quite well.

The calculator can store and compare data for 100 students. It also allows teachers and executive staff to compare subjects fairly. Please remember to reward those hard working teachers who teach the difficult subjects. Students who achieve bands 4 or 5 in one subject can actually out perform students who achieve band 5-6’s in another subject. If you are comparing staff on the number of bands 5-6’s they achieve in a particular HSC class with another subject then you may have missed the boat. You're not being fair to the staff members who may have actually worked harder and helped their students achieve higher ATAR-UAI ranks in their subject but go unnoticed.

A final word of warning to students. Don’t choose subjects on how well they are scaled. You may in fact do much worse. Students can achieve excellent results in subjects that are poorly scaled. They do this by doing well in that subject. The higher the mark a student obtains the less they are affected by the scaling process. Download the ATAR calculator and see. It is also easier to obtain higher marks in easier subjects. Choose subjects you are interested in!

I hope both students and teachers find this helpful.