HSC Chemistry Tutoring


The Production of Materials

Fossil fuel, steam cracking, catalytic cracking, addition polymer, ethylene, polyethylene, LDPE, HDPE, vinyl chloride, PVC, styrene, polystyrene
Biomass, condensation polymer, cellulose, petrochemicals, biopolymers, eg. Polylactic acid – not PLA & chitosan
Bioethanol, ethanol, ethylene, dehydration, fermentation, polar/ non-polar solvents, heats of combustion
Galvanic cell, activities series of metals, oxidation number, oxidation, reduction, anode, cathode, electrode, electrolyte, half cell, salt bridge, lead acid battery, solid state lithium iodine cell, E°
Isotope, radioisotope, transuranic, ionising radiation, alpha, beta, gamma and positron decay, Geiger counter, cloud chamber, Scintillation counter, particle accelerator, cyclotron, nuclear reactor, Cobalt-60, Carbon-11


The Acidic Environment

Indicator, litmus, phenolphthalein, methyl orange, bromothymol blue
Acidic oxide, basic oxides, amphoteric oxides, Le Chatelier’s principle, SO2, CO2, NOx,  decarbonate, acid rain
pH, ethanoic acid, citric acid,  weak acid, strong acid, dilute acid, concentrated acid, degree of ionisation.
Lavoiser, Davy, Arrenhius, Bronsted-Lowry, conjugate pairs, acidic salts, basic salts, neutral salts, amphiprotic, neutralisation, buffers, natural buffer, standard solution, titration
Functional groups, alkanols, alkanoic acids, ester, esters, condensation reaction, esterification, refluxing, catalysis, dehydration


Chemical monitoring of the environment

chemistry, collaboration, incomplete combustion, complete combustion
Ammonia, Haber process, rate of reaction, catalyst, chemical monitoring, yield
Ions, AAS, trace elements, flame test, sulfate ion determination
Oxygen, ozone, coordinate covalent bond, troposphere, stratosphere, ODP, CFC, Halon, HCFC, HFC, FIC, haloalkane, isomer, Montreal Protocol
Physical purification of water, chemical purification,  sanitise, floculation, eutrophication, algal bloom, phosphate, nitrate, common ions, DO, BOD, turbidity, hardness, TDS, microscopic membrane filter, catchment area,   heavy metal pollution


Industrial Chemistry

Natural non-petroleum resource, tallow, soap, synthetic detergents, foaming, phosphate builders, zeolites
Reversible reaction, equilibrium reaction, equilibrium constant, equilibrium model
Sulfur, sulfuric acid, oxidising agent, dehydrating agent, exothermic reaction, diluting sulfuric acid, contact process, Frasch process, roasting of sulfide ores, direct sulfur recovery process
Electrolytic cell, electrolysis of brine, sodium hydroxide, mercury process, diaphragm process, membrane process
Fats & oils, glycerol, soap,  saponification , emulsion, emulsifier, micelle, hard water, cationic detergent, anionic detergent, non-ionic detergent, tallow, coconut oil, palm oil
Solvay process, brine purification, hydrogen carbonate formation, formation of sodium carbonate, ammonia recovery, thermal pollution, tidal flushing

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